Local Leaders

The church General Handbook section 32.14.9 gives information to bishops, branch presidents and stake presidents about how to process a resignation request from members.

This process requires you to contact your bishop in writing (email or letter) and tell them you want to resign. Bishops will then submit that resignation through the church leadership database, the stake president will approve it, and your resignation is processed. Legally you stop being a member the moment they receive your resignation request.

The handbook tells bishops when they receive a request that "the bishop reaches out to see if [the person asking to resign] is willing to discuss the concerns and try to resolve them]. The handbook does not say they must meet with you or have a phone call - you can say no.

Most bishops are willing to process requests quickly and without unnecessary fuss. Members generally receive their letter confirming resignation (this comes from church HQ) within a few weeks of contacting their bishop.

Some bishops try to encourage you to have a cooling off period, insist on an in-person meeting or phone call, or demand a notarised letter or photo ID to verify your identity. None of these actions are part of the instructions in the Handbook - you have the right to refuse and refer the bishop back to the Handbook section 32.14.9 if they ask for any of these things. When they have received your written resignation request, you are legally no longer a member and they must process your resignation without asking you for anything else. If your bishop is still not willing to process your request, you can escalate your request to the stake president or write directly to church HQ.