Data Officer

Please read the updated advice below - the church was processing resignations via this method for all individuals, however now appears to be rejecting any resignations via this email address for people living in the USA. We recommend a different resignation method if you are not in the UK or EU.

If you live in the UK or EU, or are a citizen of these regions, you have a right to resign your membership using the GDPR "right to be forgotten".

We do not have much information about how quickly these requests are processed, or if they require a notarised letter. We hope to be able to update this with more details soon.

Send a resignation letter to the church's Data Privacy Officer, making it clear that you want to resign based on your rights under GDPR.

The email address is

The website has further information that may be useful.


Emails shared by individuals on r/exmormon dated August 2022 from the church now give the following advice:

"To resign your church membership, please send a written request, including your full name, date of birth, and current physical address by email to If you wish to expedite your request, please have your written request notarized. If notarized, your resignation will be completed upon receipt. Otherwise, the process can take up to 60 days."

It is believed that the 60 day waiting period for emails that are not notarized will include the church headquarters reaching out to local leaders to confirm your identity, as well as their usual 30 day cooling off period for resignation requests.

Legally in the USA, once a church has received and acknowledged your resignation request you are no longer a member. Our recommendation is to reply to any communication from the church that requests a notarized letter reminding them of this fact. It is not known at this stage whether that leads to them processing resignations faster, bypassing contacting local leaders, or no change in their internal ways of working.